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Fresh Start With God



If you have just begun a new relationship with Jesus Christ or are returning to the church, you are probably wondering what comes next. Fresh Start With God is the perfect small group for you to join. In this group we will discuss and learn about the following topics over a ten week period.




FORGIVENESS - Accepting God's Grace


RELATIONSHIP - Worshipping


EENCOURAGEMENT - Handling Failure


SCRIPTURE - Understanding God's Word


HELP - Following God's Guidance



SHAPE - Following God's Guidance


TOGETHENESS - Living in Community


AUTHORITY - Serving Others


RECOGNITION - Being Baptized


TESTIMONY - Telling Your Story


This class will provide you with the basics to begin walking with God. With the completion of this course you will be prepared to take classes that will lead you to a deeper walk of faith. You will learn many of the basic ideas about how to follow Jesus Christ and be part of His church. Fresh Start With God will be offered quarterly.